Our Matchmaking Methodology

What makes LongIslandMatchmaking.com different? First off  finding your match takes time a great deal of time. Most singles who work full time have had enough of the misleading never ending searching on commercial “software driven- database centric” singles sites. Anyone who has used them knows that they are plagued with dishonest profiles. Maybe you’re too busy to meet new people outside your general network of friends, or you just don’t want to date the most recently divorced single guy or woman in your close network of friends. You might be picky and haven’t been meeting other quality, relationship-minded men or women. The type of man or woman you’ve always dreamed of meeting.

Our exclusive, private, and creative approach is unique for single people who don’t have the time or inclination to to do all of the searching, screening and personal marketing that we can do more professionally for you! We have hundreds of thousands of social contacts and we pre-screen quality, eligible matches for our clients. We develop a creative “love campaign” for our clients and handpick each candidate looking for specific compatibility factors, shared values, interests and personal aesthetic preferences. Most matches take place via creative, moderated introductions designed to create tangible results, and encourage romantic lasting connections. Afterwards, we provide useful feedback from both parties to help refine our process and recalibrate for your next introduction or second date.

We do not claim to have thousands (or hundreds of thousands of members) or the elite singles that so many matchmaking services claim to have, or pre-defined categories of people. In fact we do not publish any gallery of photographs or databases for our members directly to search. Our clients come to us, and we provide them with the tools and assets necessary to expand their networks and we make them more visible and desirable in the process.

If you are accepted as a new client, your experience formally begins when you connect with your personal matchmaker to discuss your dating history and partner preferences. We’ll identify your top priorities as we move into the search and branding process for you and your first match. While you’re providing valuable input, your matchmaker will be busy behind the scenes, identifying possible matches and interviewing potential candidates. When choices are made, we’ll plan and schedule an appropriate location to introduce the two of you. Afterwards, we’ll obtain feedback to clear up any “what did he/she really think of me?” questions, and to refine your search going forward. It’s a simple process, that we repeat until you’re interested in pursuing a lasting relationship with one of your matches.

We create unique marketing materials that we distribute together to a world wide audience who either live on Long Island / New York City, or are willing to relocate if they truly find love with a member of the Long Island Community. Our services beyond what we share on our website are confidential, our matchmakers are confidential, and our process in its entirety is confidential and unique.

The founder of our company has made hundreds of matches throughout his multitude of entrepreneurial business ventures and many of those same matches are still married, have many children, and even grand children. Matchmaking was never his main business however, he is simply a naturally born matchmaker who has introduced businesses to businesses most of his life, as well as made thousands of personal connections for his friends and clients, organically.

It is only now that he sees so many frustrated singles on Long Island and so many lonely people that he has decided to use his unique talents to help those who have given up on commercial online sites and the phony matchmakers who claim to have thousands of the most desirable and elite singles in their databases. After all if these matchmakers were truly qualified why would they have thousands of singles in their databases? They simply would not have enough time to interview thousands of singles never mind match them, if they actually existed.

It’s exactly that kind of bate and switch that lends itself to seeing hundreds if not thousands of negative reviews on those same matchmakers who simply take anyone’s money and then worry about the bad press later. If those matchmakers were truly authentic and professional they would have very few singles left, or they simply are misleading their clients.

Our founder has even consulted to and created marketing material for other matchmaking services. Through that process he learned that many matchmaking services have developed negative results over time and have “identity crises” because they are simply ripping people off. We take on very few clients and we spend more time on each single than most other matchmakers spend on their entire so called “database” of singles. Our confidential process works, and we guarantee results. Once you are a member our services are virtually unlimited until we work as a team to create a successful outcome.