Long Island Matchmaking Methodology

Long Island Matchmaking Reveals its new Service!

A Matchmaking Service That’s Not Big-Data Driven or is it?


For those of the Long Island Community that would like to use our new self service Video Speed Dating service (that is learning how to use artificial Intelligence to assist in matching singles automatically) just CLICK HERE to register for free. Those who register now will be the first served when we launch on July 4, 2020.

For full membership (to use all of the features, our Artificial Intelligent deep learning engine provides) membership costs only $69 per month. Of course this service has no support or customer service. It is a straight forward singles dating site that is run completely by Artificial Intelligence, (self service style)

LongIslandSingles.com is a new anonymous community of Long Island Singles that meet online for dates. We host video dates, and weekly date night speed dates. The real difference here is that we select the partners you chat with using artificial intelligence and and data we collect on you and over 250 million people.

On date night we set you up on three minute video speed dates (dates via video chat.) Each couple meets for three minutes at a time with randomly selected singles who are also logged in and available for date night. If 20 seconds before the video speed date ends you both choose more time you continue your date. If not, then you are connected for another speed date. This goes on continuously until two speed daters choose to meet in person.

While we collect data on you and all of our members, we do not share any of it with other members. Neither do you. You never know if you are going to continue being matched with an individual member, or if you are going to move to the next video speed date. Really unless you request it you will be moved to the next date continually. At times we will bring you back to a particular member using some predetermined and learned behaviors. Fate, trust, love, and real connections determine your destiny, as do you and of course our deep learning biometric artificial intelligent system.

We take data directly from your conversations audio, facial scans, and other biometric data to enhance your chances of meeting a new chapter of love with that data. Over time in fact maybe even years but feasibly possible in hours, we match you randomly with dates. We learn what you like, and we match you more and more with highly screened opportunities.

While we do not know if this will have a major effect on the outcome of your search, we are going to offer it as a trial. We do believe that reading biometric data and using unique logarithms we will improve or learn enough about our members that we will find success over time. The sooner you start, the sooner you have the potential to find love. We filter over fifty million data points daily and we will use that data and the data from your online speed dates, and your online longer dates, to hopefully be able to point our members in the right direction. The best part is everything is automated. No there is no privacy what so ever, but at least if you are going to share your data you might as well have the best chance of it working for you, and only you to find love. For our full service matchmaking you can read on otherwise CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR FREE.

For starters, we understand that finding your perfect match takes time– a great deal of time. Singles who work full-time have little extra time to spend scouring dating sites. Also, they are fed up with the misleading and never-ending frustrations associated with online “software driven- database-centric” singles sites. Anyone who has used them knows they are plagued with dishonest profiles.

Genuine and authentic Long Island Singles
Genuine and authentic Long Island Singles

Maybe you’re too busy to meet new people outside your network of friends. Or perhaps you don’t want to date the most recently divorced people in your close network. Maybe you just haven’t been meeting other quality, relationship-minded men or women; the type of man or woman you’ve always dreamed of meeting. Long Island Matchmaking offers an exclusive, private, and creative approach for finding quality matches. A perfect solution for time-conscious singles with no time to to do the searching, screening and personal marketing themselves. And the best part is our service can do it all more professionally for you than you can!

Match Screening

Singles from Montauk to Manhattan.
Singles from Montauk to Manhattan

Long Island Matchmaking has thousands of social contacts we pre-screen to find quality, eligible matches. We develop effective “love campaigns” for all our clients. We handpick each candidate based on compatibility factors, shared values, interests and personal aesthetic preferences. Most matches take place via relaxed, moderated introductions designed to foster tangible results. Afterwards, Long Island Matchmaking provides useful feedback to help refine the process. We then recalibrate our clients for their next introduction or second date. All throughout the process we encourage romantic lasting connections.

Long Island Matchmaking does not claim to have thousands (or hundreds of thousands of members). Nor do we have the elite singles that so many matchmaking services claim to have, or pre-defined categories of people. In fact we do not publish any gallery of photographs or databases for our members directly to search. Our clients come to us, and we provide them with the tools and assets necessary to expand their networks. We then make them more visible and desirable through the process.

The Long Island Matchmaking Process

When accepted as a new client, your experience begins formally after connecting with your personal matchmaker. They will first discuss your dating history and partner preferences with you. Your personal matchmaker will help identify your top priorities of what you’re looking for in a partner. Then LIM will begin the search and branding process, all the while preparing you for your first match. While you’re providing valuable input, your matchmaker will be busy behind the scenes identifying possible matches and interviewing potential candidates.

When choices are made, we’ll plan and schedule an appropriate location to introduce the two of you. Following the initial meeting, we’ll obtain feedback to clear up any “what did he/she really think of me?” questions, and to refine your search going forward. It’s a simple process we repeat until you’re interested in pursuing a lasting relationship with one of your matches.

Long Island Matchmaking singles range in age from twenty-one to over 80 years of age.

LongIslandMatchmaking.com also distributes customized marketing materials to a world-wide, Long Island, and New York City audience. Matches who are willing to relocate, if they find love on Long Island, are included as well.

Other than the information we share on our website, our services are kept strictly confidential. Our matchmakers are always discreet, and We do not sell your information.

Why We Started Long Island Matchmaking

The founder of our company has made hundreds of matches throughout his entrepreneurial business ventures. Many of those matches are still married, have children, and even grand children. Matchmaking was never his main business. He is simply a naturally born matchmaker that has spent most of his life introducing businesses to businesses as well as made thousands of personal connections for his friends and clients.

It is only now, after seeing so many frustrated and lonely singles on Long Island, he has decided to use his unique talents and world wide network of friends, scouts, recruiters, and affiliate matchmakers to help those who have given up on commercial online dating platforms and the phony matchmakers.

Matchmaking Scams

Many matchmakers claim to have thousands of the most desirable and elite singles in their databases. If these matchmakers were truly qualified, why would they claim to have so many singles? If they do, why aren’t their clients matched? Possibly because their databases are way too small or their singles not quite as “Elite” as they claim them to be.

It’s exactly that kind of bate and switch that results in hundreds, if not thousands of negative reviews for those matchmakers. Many have the reputation of simply taking anyone’s money and then dealing with the bad press later. If those matchmakers were truly authentic and professional, they would have very few singles left. Or they are simply misleading their clients.

Experienced In Making Matches That Last

John Joseph Dowling Jr. Founder and Senior Matchmaker.
John Dowling Jr. Founder

Our founder has consulted for other matchmaking services, and he has even created some of their marketing materials. Through that experience he learned that many matchmaking services, over time, develop negative results. These results then lead to an “identity crises” for them, because they are simply ripping people off or not delivering on what they promised. We take on very few clients and we spend more time on each single than most other matchmakers spend on their entire so called “database” of singles. Our confidential process works, and we guarantee results. Once you are a member our services are virtually unlimited until we work as a team to create a successful outcome.

How We Find Our Matches

While some of our methods are unique and confidential, these below are deployed company wide– and even extended to our real world network:

  • Every time we meet an impressive single, we acquire their name and contact information for future use.
  • Long Island Matchmaking generates lists of every single we know. We continuously add to it as our network of recruiters, scouts, and affiliate matchmakers meet new people. Above all, through our organic network of family/friend/community contacts, we know more singles than most anyone.
  • We keep a list of all our single men and another for the single women. These lists only comprise Long Island singles whose character and presentation we find impressive. Weekly, we cross-check individuals from each list looking for quality matches.
  • The senior matchmakers of LIM define our Long Island Singles Life Goals, and criteria for choosing a spouse. We have our singles describe four unique qualities that define them, and more importantly, the top qualities they are looking for in a partner.
  • Besides helping our singles clarify their future, we coach them every step of the way and support their efforts for self improvement.

We Want to See You Find Love

Long Island Matchmaking matches blue collar working singles, white collar working singles, single parents,
widows, divorcees, or just those who are too busy to spend years searching for a committed relationship.

Because of our experience and contacts, we generate more opportunities for matches than you would think possible. With thousands of long-term social media contacts and our real life network, we can produce ample opportunities for Long Island Matchmaking singles.

There’s a lot more to matchmaking than people think, and finding the right match requires a lot of work. But we’re here to help. We understand it’s much harder to meet people today in our technology-centric society. But for that reason, we decided that Long Island Matchmaking could help cure some of this “Plague” of loneliness.

Now it’s Up to You!

Contact us and register for a one hour free consultation and interview. We’d love to help. You do not have to be lonely any more. Let our matchmakers work with you to help you find your soulmate or next chapter of love.

Long Island Matchmaking’s guarantee is simple and demonstrates our confidence in our integrity, effectiveness, and commitment to our singles. Long Island Matchmaking unconditionally guarantees that you are 100% satisfied with our efforts at any time during our service period or we will refund the balance of your fee (prorated based on services already utilized) no questions asked.