Artificial Intelligence moderated Speed Dating

Dating in a pandemic filled world certainly has its challenges. That being said, with a little ingenuity and some American Entrepreneurial spirit, even dating during a pandemic can be fun and romantic. How? Well, imagine for a moment its Saturday night and you get all dressed up and at 8pm you get a ring at your computer. It’s a single gentleman also dressed up for Speed Date Night at Long Island Singles, Inc. Yes Long Island Matchmaking has a new division, Well don’t click just yet as we are a work in progress, but we are hosting our first video speed dating night shortly! We hope to go live on or around July 4th. with some of the basic features and then as we evolve we will add Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to the application.

Yes we are going to start delving into the world of video speed dating and we believe we have a business model that will allow for more matches and long term success stories. For instance we have focus group members who shared everything they like about dating sites, and everything that goes wrong. Life long pen pals, people who do not look like their photographs, no response empty profiles, and of course the married men issue. We took all of that research and we created a video speed dating model that will effectively eliminate 90 percent of the online dating issues just by design.

Then of course we added a human aspect and technology component to our business model and boom, there you have it. Date nights every Friday and Saturday night via anonymous and revealed one on one video chats. The caveat is that you do not know ANYTHING about the date you have been setup with. That’s right we use our own technology and matchmakers to set you up on blind video dates. Then we use the data we collect on you ( and yes there is absolutely no privacy here) and we use that data exclusively to learn about you and the dates you like the most. Why you like them, and what you like about them.

As the application evolves over time and as we add more data about you and the other singles, including the length of your video chats, the frequency, your choices and feedback along the way, we start to refine who we show you for dates and we believe that our core AI system will help us make those choices. So much so that if after 24 months you have not found your soulmate, you are provided the continued use of our application for free until you are hooked up.

It is the first time we combine this type of Artificial Intelligence and video speed dating together with our core AI engine and data so we are still a bit unsure as to how much this will effect the final outcome of your search, but as with anything we do know the more data you have the more likely your choices are going to be better ones. While AI can not as of yet determine who will fall in love and who will stay in love at least it can filter your choices for things we know you do not want, and also use data to see when you may not even be aware of it yourself, that a strong connection is building.

The basic business model is fairly simple, we recruit worthy singles, use AI to moderate their participation in video speed dates, and then use that data to better match you with other singles based on the data we collect and the data you provide You have date nights every week where you pick a night to meet other singles via video chats. You do not know much if anything about the dates we pick out for you, or why we have chosen these particular people for you to have a speed date with. Sometimes the dates you go on will be with computer generated avatars who collect info on your dating style and what makes you happy and joyful during the interaction, and at other times you are dating a real single, someone who could be your soulmate. We do the work for you and you have dates all night long in many cases, until you both find a match.

You are allocated 3 minutes for each new speed date one after the other on date night. When the date is taking place, you provide instant real time feedback on the coversation/date and you stay on that date for 3 minutes unless one of you bails sooner. You are both also provided the opportunity to EXTEND the date for another 3 minutes after each round of speed dates. If you both choose to extend, you can stay on a speed date for a longer period of time. As long as you both keep choosing extend. If you choose next you are then connected with a new speed date.

We collect data, a ton of data on everything and then we use that data to try again every date night. When you move from the virtual world to the real world we ask for more data on both the date and your future with each real life date. IT’s that simple, but at least you know who you are speaking to is real, you do not end up in virtual pen pal relationships, and you know in 3 minutes if you have a future with each speed date. The more you date and participate, the more we know about you, what you like, what you do not like and the data brings us one step closer to success. The dream! So sign up for free today on our register page and we will send you details privately as soon as we officially launch, again we are hopeful that will be on our around July 4th, 2020.