What To Avoid when Choosing a Matchmaker


So many singles come to Long Island Matchmaking after becoming extremely frustrated with Matchmakers who make unsubstantiated claims and empty promises. Then when it is too late, they realize their options are limited because of the penalties and rights they signed away in their matchmaking contracts. If you are considering retaining a matchmaker do not believe any hype or unsubstantiated claims. Here is a list of the top five clauses we have seen in matchmaking contracts that should be avoided at any cost, just walk away.

The Matchmaking Agreement

If while reading through a potential matchmakers agreement you find a penalty or substantial fine for posting a negative review if you’ve had a negative experience; Do not walk away, run! Their are reputable matchmakers and then their are scam artists who maintain their business despite their awful record. Those scam artists coerce new clients to sign a waiver that fines members (who find out after the fact that they signed away their rights) to post negative reviews when they unfortunately retain a scam artist. We have seen some matchmakers have the audacity to fine clients as much as $5000 for writing or sharing their negative experience with others, either in writing or verbally.

This is typically a sign that the matchmaker you are consulting with is a fraud. The Consumer Review Fairness Act makes these contracts void and those that impose them are violating federal laws. The Act generally makes provisions of form contracts between sellers and individual consumers void from inception if the provisions: (1) prohibit or restrict individuals from reviewing sellers’ goods, services, or conduct; (2) impose penalties or fees on individuals for such reviews. If you have been or are currently being threatened by any matchmaker because or such a clause, you may want to contact the Attorney General and report the company. New York does have a Dating Service Bill of Rights for matchmaking services here.

Matchmakers are not always successful but the legitimate and honorable matchmakers do offer warranties and guarantees to their new clients. For instance Long Island Matchmaking’s guarantee is simple and demonstrates our confidence in our integrity, effectiveness, and commitment to our singles. Long Island Matchmaking unconditionally guarantees that you are 100% satisfied with our efforts at any time during our service period or we will refund the balance of your fee (prorated based on services already utilized) no questions asked.

Defamation of Character Clauses

Defamation of character clauses in Matchmakers agreements are a straight out indication that the matchmaker providing that agreement has a terrible reputation and will fail you at some point. Those matchmakers who resort to using defamation of character clauses and threaten you (if you write an honest review that is negative) or even escalate their threats to lawsuits just for posting the truth about your experience should be avoided at all costs. If you see anything that resembles a defamation of character clause again don’t just walk away, run!

Pressure to Make a Match

If within the proposed agreement their is any advice or counsel to accept every match offered. This is a clear indication that your matchmaker will have issues finding you legitimate matches that match your actual preferences.

Agreements from matchmakers that try to pressure you to go on dates is just a means to tally up matches and justify their fee. Despite the fact the proposed single does not possess the qualities you requested up front. Many innocent matchmaking clients are tricked into dating unacceptable singles just so matchmakers can justify their fees after the fact.

If you see anything resembling this type of bait and switch tactic in your matchmakers agreement, do not move forward. Most of the time you will have no recourse to obtain a refund. Even if your matchmaker is unqualified and not finding appropriate matches for you.

The Truth about Compatibility Analysis

“Compatibility Analysis” by anyone but you is a joke. Matchmakers that only provide potential matches based on some proprietary formula or compatibility analysis are frauds. The worlds most informed scientist on romantic love is Helen Fisher. Helen uses functional MRI’s to study how the human brain reacts to being in love. How people fall in love, who stays in love, and why people in love reject their relationships. What they have concluded is that no-one can predict who will fall in love with any degree of accuracy.

No one can predict why people stay in love and some do not. Helen and her world renowned team have studied the human brain. Neither matchmakers nor computers using Artificial Intelligence can predict who will fall in love. Romantic love is an obsession. Neuroscientists have found the part of the brain that is most active when people are in love. But that is as far as they are able to go. Even with Artificial intelligence and the most educated neuroscientists in the world.

Authentic Matchmakers provide the research, time, assistance, media, and even perform tasks on behalf of their clients. The one thing authentic matchmakers do not do is suggest or claim to have a compatibility formula. One that somehow supersedes the worlds foremost authorities on love. They have never found a reason why two personalities fit together to create a successful romantic relationship. Nor why some couples choose to stay together and others do not.

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