Long Island Matchmaking Online Dating Support

Long Island Matchmaking provides online dating strategies

Long Island Matchmaking provides online dating strategies based on the plethora of successful social media and online dating profiles we’ve written. While we do not recommend using the giant singles sites exclusively, at times a little bit of luck and professional services may increase your visibility and results. We also review thousands of profiles for our clients. We create the best possible chance for your profile to stand out in order to get the results you’re looking for. From writing your profile, to identifying the most genuine and authentic singles. We even help cultivate email exchanges, we’ll do all of the laborious work for you so you can focus on the date!

Professional Photo Session with World Renowned Photographers

Professional, candid photojournalistic portraits that show you looking like you, at your best—no selfies, please! Realistic professional photographs are one of the most important investments you can make in your search for love. We have the most talented photographers on Long Island on our team. Our photographers have photographs published on covers of magazines and around the world. Showing you at your best increases your visibility and makes you stand out in social media and dating services. We use every available resource to assist you on your search for love.

Why limit yourself like some matchmakers do to just a handful of singles. We know of matchmakers who insist you date only their members simply because they want to profit on your membership. That is absurd. Long Island Matchmaking does not only validate the photographs you are already sharing across all of the platforms you participate in, we create world class content for your social media and dating services that typically far outperforms any matchmaking service anywhere. If your matchmaker is taking selfies with you or smart phone photographs, we suggest you exit that amateur hour matchmakers services immediately as you will go nowhere fast.

Profile Makeovers: Edit and Perfect Your Existing Dating Profiles and social media sites

We do not only network for our singles. We also post to our own world-wide audience of social media contacts. In addition, we analyze your existing content. This includes team and focus group feedback. Helping you to select the most appropriate content you already have. LIM also provides new, effective content. Our coaching services included in our programs are designed to:

  • Recommend which dating websites and apps are the most suitable for your search based on your personal preferences and demographics
  • Review of your existing online profile and make suggestions for how to ensure your personal branding is in line with your goals
  • Replace any unflattering photos
  • Review social media algorithms effectively so they work in your favor
  • Provide weekly phone session coaching on strategic online dating tips
  • Role play with you in person to refresh you on means to initiate interesting conversation
  • Coach you on how to respond to instant messages and emails so you can convert new conversations into first dates

Dedicated Senior Long Island Matchmakers

For those who want to outsource their quest for a soul mate and save weeks of searching, screening and emailing, our senior matchmakers will do the work for you. In addition to the above tasks our senior matchmakers will:

  • Our Senior Long Island Matchmakers will search online for you and identify high-caliber matches
  • LIM will handle much of the pre-date communications including filtering your inbox and initiating and responding to emails with pre-approved responses.
  • We expeditiously convert online communications into dates or phone calls at your option
  • LIM will provide concierge services, including suggestions and reservations for the perfect location for your date
  • We hold daily text exchanges and phone-coaching sessions to discuss your progress providing real time advice and feedback

Long Island Matchmaking’s guarantee is simple and demonstrates our confidence in our integrity, effectiveness, and commitment to our singles. Long Island Matchmaking unconditionally guarantees that you are 100% satisfied with our efforts at any time during our service period or we will refund the balance of your fee (prorated based on services already utilized) no questions asked.