Long Island Matchmaking Coaches Singles to Successful Relationships

Navigating Long Island Single Life isn’t easy. You want to meet a great partner, but often traditional methods you use for dating provides little to no tangible results.

Create the foundation for great relationships by getting coached in having a great single life and great dates by Long Island Matchmaking Senior Matchmakers. Whether you are single and ready to date casually, single and ready to commit to a long term relationship, or single and ready to take your relationships to the next level, LongIslandMatchmaking.com Singles Coaching can be the catalyst to get you there! Our Matchmakers are also singles coaches, and they help you embrace yourself as a unique individual, while they are providing an outsiders view of your methods and approach.

Matchmaking for Any Stage of Life

Whether you are in your twenty’s and new to the dating scene or are recently divorced or widowed and newly single, we understand there is such a broad range of life choices that there certainly is not a one size fits all approach. Our Senior Matchmakers, Scouts, and recruiters know that you are unique, and that your likes, dislikes, preferences, and style are also unique. That is why we spend so much time getting to know our clients and providing valuable suggestions as we identify areas where you can grow. We become the catalyst for change and growth as we get feedback from your dating partners, our extensive community both in the real world, and through our extensive reach in social media.

Customized Matchmaking Just for You

Long Island Matchmaking Singles programs offer customized, individual sessions crafted specifically for what you are looking to achieve. Clearly, a twenty year old male wants something diametrically different from an individual in his or her 50’s and beyond. 

We do not “box all of our singles into one category” and expect everyone to want the same for their lives! Some singles want to settle down and get married. Some want to have children. Other singles want to have a committed relationship yet want to devote more time to charitable causes or their education. So they are looking for a casual but meaningful relationship! Other singles want a mix of many things.

Being single does not necessarily mean you want to find your soul mate, but it’s certainly fine if you do and we are excited and committed to helping you on your journey! Below are some of the ways we do that.

What We Do for You

Some of our methods are unique and confidential. However, these are deployed company-wide. They even extended to our real world network:

  • After meeting a single we are impressed with, we think who we might know for them. LIM gets their contact information down for the future use if we can’t think of an appropriate match right now. We then let them know about Long Island Matchmaking services.
  • LIM generates lists of everyone we know that is single. We add to it as our network of recruiters, scouts, and affiliate matchmakers meet new people. Through our organic network of family/friend/community contacts, we know many more singles than most anyone.
  • We keep a list of all the single men we know and a separate list of all the single women. We only add Long Island Singles whose character and presentation are impressive. Every week, we take individuals from our lists and cross-check them against the lists of the opposite gender.
  • We generate more ideas for matches than you realize possible. With thousands of long term social media contacts and our real life network, we have many opportunities for Long Island Matchmaking singles.
  • Long Island Matchmaking has its senior Matchmakers define our Long Island Singles life goals, and criteria for choosing a spouse. We have our single friends describe the four unique qualities that define them. Also, the four top qualities they are looking for in a partner.
  • Besides helping our friends clarify their future, we coach our clients at every step of the way. We support their efforts for self improvement and reflection. We help them to grow with each new potential committed partner they date. Both within our network and outside of it.

The Art of Matchmaking

There is a lot more to matchmaking than people think. Understanding the how lonely people are was our first step in helping this “Plague” of loneliness. Now it is up to you to contact us and register for a one hour free consultation and interview. We can help, you do not have to be lonely any more. Let our matchmakers help you live your dream and find your soulmate or next chapter of love.

Long Island Matchmaking’s guarantee is simple and demonstrates our confidence in our integrity, effectiveness, and commitment to our singles. Long Island Matchmaking unconditionally guarantees that you are 100% satisfied with our efforts at any time during our service period or we will refund the balance of your fee (prorated based on services already utilized) no questions asked.