2000 of the Finest Singles? The odds…

When we hear matchmakers claiming to represent a set number of singles year after year we have to ask ourselves why? Why would the same matchmaking firm claim to have over 2000 of the finest singles on Long Island and New York City year after year? Is that company actually matching anyone? Is that company just taking money from anyone they can get it from? How can you represent the same number of singles year after year? As if that is the only issue that “commercialized matchmakers” face. Anyone who knows anything about love and romance knows that if you only have 2000 members in your “database of singles” your odds of introducing them to each other, and them finding love is almost impossible.

It doesn’t take much more than an imagination and a high school level understanding of statistics to know that any matchmaker who represents such a small subset of singles is not going to have any chance of matching even a small percentage of those singles. At best if even one percent of those singles find love, that is only 20 individuals or 10 couples a year. That means that 99% of those singles will go on paying unlimited fees and remaining single, lonely, and unmatched year after year. And that is exactly what happens with many commercialized dating services or matchmaking companies. Just look at the plethora of negative Google and Yelp reviews.

So what should you look for in a matchmaking company. First, make sure that they are not exaggerating results. Just because they make a fortune off of other peoples hopes and dreams of love does not mean they are actually providing results. Many matchmaking services claim to have thousands of singles but statistically most of those members will not find love through a service with such limited exposure. Most of us meet more than that many people during the course of our regular life. The odds of being matched by such a service – highly unlikely.

LongIslandMatchmaking.com does not make such bogus claims nor do we have a given set of singles at any given time. LongIslandMatchmaking.com has a unique methodology and provides guaranteed exposure to millions of singles from here on Long Island and if requested to tens of millions of singles around the world, organically and confidentially. Don’t be fooled by the false advertising and unsubstantiated claims. Do your homework and you will find that LongIslandMatchmaking.com has the most viable, personal, and honest approach to helping singles find true love and a committed relationship. Just register for your free one hour interview and consultation and you will know you have put your trust in a matchmaking company who truly cares and provides tangible results to its confidential clients.

Long Island Matchmaking’s guarantee is simple and demonstrates our confidence in our integrity, effectiveness, and commitment to our singles. Long Island Matchmaking unconditionally guarantees that you are 100% satisfied with our efforts at any time during our service period or we will refund the balance of your fee (prorated based on services already utilized) no questions asked.